Various Philatelic Items

"All images were scanned at 300DPI and then scaled to approximately" "one-third size. On most computer screens, which range from about" "75 to 90 DPI the images should be approximately life size."

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This is not a catalog(ue). I am not a dealer. These stamps are not for sale or trade. The images here are merely for you to look at, and perhaps enjoy.

I also do not keep track of the "value" of any of these stamps. If you have stamps like any of those depicted here and want to know what they're worth, I recommend a trip to your local library. Here in the U.S., most libraries have a copy of the Scott Catalogue in their reference section. The Scott Catalogue will give you a rough idea what it would cost you to purchase them from a dealer. (But don't expect to be able to sell your stamps to a dealer at the listed price.)

Outside the U.S. look for catalog(ue)s by Stanley Gibbons, Michel, and/or Yvertt & Tellier, to name a few.

United States Bicentennial Issues

bicentennialU.S. Bicentenial Issues

1992 Christopher Columbus Issues

columbusChristopher Columbus Issues

U.S. Space Issues

[picture]U.S. Space Issues

South African Miniature Sheets

mini sheetsSouth African Miniature Sheets

special mini sheetsSouth African Special Miniature Sheets

tourism bookletSouth African Tourism Issue

Greenland American Series Reissue

reissueGreenland American Series Reissue

Legends of the West and Recalled Legends of the West

low/rlowLegends of the West