1992 Christopher Columbus Issues

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Probably no politically correct exhibit of Columbus would be complete without at least mentioning Erik the Red, or his son Leif Erikson, as the first european discoverer of the New World. The U.S. commemorated Leif Erikson in 1968.
Leif Erikson
+ [Scott #1359] (5k JFIF).

In 1992 the USPS issued a set of souvenir sheets featuring new engravings of the stamps issued by the U.S. Post Office for the Columbian Exposition in 1892.
+[Scott #2624] (41k JFIF) +[Scott #2625] (42k JFIF)
+[Scott #2626] (36k JFIF) +[Scott #2627] (40k JFIF)
+[Scott #2628] (43k JFIF) +[Scott #2629] (29k JFIF)
These souvenir sheets were issued in conjunction with similar souvenir sheets issued by Spain, Portugal,and Italy.

United Kingdom Issues
+ United Kingdom Issues (16k JFIF).

Guernsey Issues
+ Guernsey Issues (48k JFIF).

In addition to the other issues, Spain also issued this souvenir sheet.
+ Spain Issues(38k JFIF).

Malta Issues
+ Malta Issues (15k JFIF).

Gibraltar Issues
+ Gibraltar Issues (24k JFIF).

Swiss Issues
+(21k JFIF). +(23k JFIF).