United States Space Issues, Covers, and Related Items

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19xx Fort Bliss Centenial
+ [Scott #xxxx] (9k JFIF).

1960 Echo 1
+ [Scott #1173] (9k JFIF).

1962 Project Mercury
+ [Scott #1193] (8k JFIF).

1963-4 Robert H. Goddard - Airmail
+ [Scott #C69] (8k JFIF)

1967 Accomplishments in Space
+ [Scott #1331a] (16k JFIF).

1969 Apollo 8
+ [Scott #1371] (8k JFIF).

1969 Moon Landing Issue -- Airmail
+ [Scott #C76] (12k JFIF)

1971 Decade of U.S. Achievements in Space.
+ [Scott #1434a] (16k JFIF).

1974 Skylab.
+ [Scott #1529] (9k JFIF).

1975 Pioneer Jupiter.
+ [Scott #1556] (9k JFIF).

1975 Mariner 10 Venus/Mercury.
+ [Scott #1557] (9k JFIF).

1975 Apollo Soyuz
+ [Scott #1569a] (29k JFIF).

+ (31k JFIF). + (64k JFIF).
+ (15k JFIF). + (17k JFIF).

1978 (or 1979?) Viking missions to Mars.
+ [Scott #1759] (9k JFIF).

1981 Space Achievement.
+ [Scott #1919a] (58k JFIF).

1989 Futuristic Mail Delivery -- Airmail.
+ [Scott #C122-125] (26k JFIF)
Souvenir Sheet
+ [Scott #C126] (44k JFIF)

1989 Moon Landing, 20th Anniversary -- Priority Mail
+ [Scott #2419] (15k JFIF)

1991 Space Exploration -- Booklet
+ [Scott #2568-2577] (51k JFIF)

1992 Space Accomplishments
+ [Scott #2631-2634] (24k JFIF)

1992 Theodore von Kármán
+ [Scott #2699] (10k JFIF)

1993 Space Fantasy -- Booklet
+ [Scott #2741-2745] (33k JFIF)

1994 Moon Landing, 25th Anniversary
Express Mail
+ [Scott #2842] (15k JFIF)
Souvenir Miniature Sheet
+ [Scott #2841] (129k JFIF)

1994 Space Fantasy -- Priority Mail
+ [Scott #2543] (10k JFIF)

1995/1996 Space Shuttle -- Priority Mail
+ [Scott #2544] (9k JFIF) 1995 detail (59k JFIF)     1996 detail (52k JFIF)

1996 Space Shuttle Launch -- Express Mail
+ [Scott #2544A] (4k JFIF)

1997 Sojournor Mars Rover -- Priority Mail
+ [Scott #3178] (23k JFIF)

+ 1969 Moon Landing FDC (60k JFIF).

FDC purists might note that there's no address on this cover. The actual cover has an address typed on it, which I have obliterated in the image file for privacy reasons.

+ STS-8 Cover (63k JFIF).

This is the cover that flew on the Challenger. The accompanying folder is too big to scan.

+ 20th Anniversary Moon Landing FDC (68k JFIF).

+ Unmanned Spacecraft FDC (107k JFIF).

All the spacecraft on these stamps were built by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I made this cover and one other like it for the First Day of Issue when I was employed at JPL. The First Day of Issue Ceremony was held on the premises at JPL and the JPL stamp club also had a special cachet made, but to my knowlege there are only three covers like this on JPL stationery. (So you're wondering how there could be three covers if I only made two? I gave an envelope to someone else in exchange for one of his envelopes with a cachet printed on it.)

+ Endeavour Shuttle Launch Cover (127k JFIF).

This is the limited edition cover. The Express Mail stamp contained in the lower left corner of the cover flew on board the Endeavour.