1995 Greenland WWII American Series Reissue

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Perhaps you saw these "advertised" in rec.collecting.stamps and wondered what they might be. I was curious so I ordered them. They cost DKK37 (that's Danish Krøner) or about US$7.50. The International Money Order also cost US$7.50. I'm sure you can do the math to figure out what the total was. :-) Now all I've got to do is decide where these fit in my collection.

+(67k JFIF)
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Text from the brochure

The American Series

Celebrating the 50th anniversary for Denmark's liberation, The American Series is republished. These 9 stamps were first issued on February 1st, 1945, and they soon became the most controversial stamps in the history of Greenland.

Greenland during World War II

World War II changed the state of things in Greenland. The German occupation of Denmark from April 9th 1940 cut off the connection to Greenland and the Danish ambassador in Washington made an agreement with the United States of America to trade local products for a safe supply service.

The American Influence

At the same time Greenland's strategic significance increased. In 1941, USA gained permission to establish military bases along the coast, and the American presence had a strong influence on the local community. The supply of godds increased considerably, a nationwide radio and newspaper were launched and cultural activities flourished. Everything was financed by Greenland itself, and the population even had the reserves to make generous collections in aid of the occupied Danes. Greenland had gained its position in the world history. And when the German capitulation was announced on May 4th, 1945, everybody could join in the celebration.

A philatelist controversy

At this time, the American Series had already been printed, but to mark the Danish liberation some sheets were overprinted with the words "DANMARK BEFREIT 5 MAJ 1945". This decision caused a great stir in philatelist circles. Misprints were scrutinised and a complaint was forwarded to the Danish Prime Minister, who could not, however, explain the mistake.

Stamps of history

The reissue is based on the original stamps, but this time with a surcharge in one colour only. Technical mistakes should not tarnish Greenland's pleasure in the restoration of the national community with Denmark 50 years ago.